Ultra Pure Paraffin Fragrance Free 16.9 Fl oz / 500 ml

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Ultra pure high quality Italian paraffin, fragrance free, for cosmetic treatments.

Best price guarantee.

Ultra pure paraffin fragrance free for cosmetic treatments. 16.9 fl oz/ 500ml block.


  • 1. Warm the paraffin in a heater. Test the temperature of the wax by brushing a small amount on your wrist.
  • 2. Slowly dip your hands up to wrists into the wax. (Elbows and feet may also be treated.)
  • 3. Remove your hands from the wax and wait a few seconds until the wax stops dripping.
  • 4. Repeat the procedure 3 up to 7 times as needed.
  • 5. After treating your hands or feet, cover them with plastic bags. Then slip insulated mitts or booties over your hands and feet to retain the heat.
  • 6. After 15 to 20 minutes (or until the wax begins to cool), remove the mitts and booties, together with the plastic bags.
  • 7. Discard the used plastic bags and used paraffin wax.

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