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  • Because hair removal has a long history, and most of today’s methods have been used for hundreds or thousands of years, hair removal methods are unlikely to change. The product you prefer should be the one that fits your needs the best. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to make an informed choice.

In this article, we will explain hair removal methods and the advantages and disadvantages as we see them.
It is a common misconception that chemical remover creams are something new. Like sugaring and waxing, chemical removers have ancient roots too. More than 6,000 years ago in Asia Minor people used hair removal products made with quicklime. American Indians applied lye to get rid of the body hair. Lye and quicklime hydrolyze nitrogen amide bond in hair proteins, breaking bristles down. This procedure of disintegrating the hair is used in some other domains like hair bleach or household products. Drain clog removers work in the same way.

The active ingredient in modern depilatory creams is potassium thioglycolate or calcium thioglycolate. To simplify, calcium thioglycolate attacks hair keratin strands in such a way that the hair degrades completely and can simply be wiped away. But in order for the active ingredient to reach the keratin strands and dissolve them the keratin fibers need to be open. For this purpose calcium hydroxide (lime), potassium (caustic potash) or sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) are used. They cause the hair to swell and open the keratin fibers. A derivative of lime (hydrogen peroxide) is used in bleaching the hair.
Facts comparison CREAMS versus WAX

-CREAMS are convenient and work fast. In about 10 minutes the hair starts degrading and falling out. WAX works instantly but takes more time for preparation.

-CREAMS are relatively inexpensive. WAX is also inexpensive but as results last up to 4 weeks, it is used 4 times less often than creams on average. This saves time and money.

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  • Our rose creamy soft wax cartridge is suitable for large areas and sensitive skin. Will efficiently and economically coarse hair and gently exfoliate the skin leaving it silky smooth.

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  • We are always here to give you the support you need so you’re ready to shine every time! 
Why us?
Many reasons:
- Best European quality
- Guaranteed professional results
- Fine and silky skin Wide range of wax and pre-post treatments for each need
- Lowest factory direct price we match and beat by 10% any offer
- Free Shipping 
We have a wax for everything! - Sensitive skin? Russian Pearl
Hypoallergenic formula, resin free, no scent, creamy
- Men waxing? Barbero Steel
Formulated for sensitive skin but coarse shorter hair.
- Bikini or Brazilian? White Tea
Polymer natural resin wax, suitable for sensitive skin but coarse hair.
- All Purpose? European Blue Professional
The most versatile wax, hybrid formula. We recommend to start with this one for any need then adjust for more specialized needs.
- Very sensitive? Charcoal
This is a creamy wax with lower temperature melting point, no resin. 
Our dedicated team is always here to help you perfect yourselves!

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  • Are you a student and want to try different types of waxes? We have free samples for you! 
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  • Our natural hard wax line, based on natural resin and infused with botanical extracts, Azulene, and Tea Tree. Translucent for everyday use or creamy for sensitive areas and brazilian. 98.5 percent biodegradable. 
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  • Our new synthetic polymer formula are less sticky on the skin thus suitable. 
Translucent natural cartridge is very economical and suitable for all areas, Russian Pearl is a creamy but crisp wax well recommended coarse hair, Italian Velvet is an extra creamy and protective wax, recommended for sensitive areas.

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  • If you experience tearing and cracking when waxing, we have some tips for you.
Maybe you are you are still perfecting your technique, there is a timing issue or a problem with the wax consistency. 
First of all, you need to wonder if the wax is tearing and breaking during the service.
The procedure is quite simple: the wax is heated until it becomes honey consistency liquid, it is allowed to cool to reach a bearable temperature (it is recommended to try it by hand before starting the application). If the wax is too runny then is too hot and if it is too thick is too cold.
The wax is applied in the direction of hair growth, in the form of strips, but not very long. After a while, when we get the necessary dexterity for epilation, we can also apply longer strips of wax. Timing is everything. You have to allow it just enough time to not be sticky to the touch and adhere to the hair before you pull, which should not exceed 8-10 seconds.
The Wax strip is extracted by sudden pulling on the opposite side of the growth direction of the hair.
The wax strips should not be too thin because they will dry too quickly and you will not get the desired results. The strips should not be applied too thick as will dry very slow and will loose elasticity. Also, the wax should not be left too much on the skin, because it may dry and crack.
Our waxes have different hardening times. White tea is the quickest, for speed waxing. The synthetic polymer such as Crystal or Charcoal is a bit slower so we recommend you to try some samples to find out which hardening speed will be the best for you. 
Second of all, you should not worry if you are experiencing cracking after you’ve already waxed. It is perfectly normal for our polymer wax to dry after it has been used. Its purpose is to remove the hair from the root. So, the goal has been achieved. 
Please reach out to us with confidence every time you encounter problems. Consider Waxness your personal waxing guide. Our team of experts is here to assist you, provide you with tips and advice and help you become a pro in waxing!

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  • Are you a student and want to try different types of waxes? We have free samples for you! You can request them here  #waxness #waxness_ #waxnecessities #waxnessfreesamples #freewax #waxnesshardwax
  • When it comes to depilatory wax offers today’s market is confusing. There are many brands that offer “the best wax” but they offer it at different prices. Some brands, specially the newer ones, may offer the same quantity of wax at almost half price. How is this possible?
The well-established brands rushed to explain to their customers to be aware of buying cheap imitations. They continue saying the wax may be produced in less then desirable conditions, with possible inferior raw materials and without quality controls.
Are the big companies right? This is true? 
Yes, this may be true. BUT THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. 
There is more to the story. Some new companies may offer the same or better quality wax, manufactured in state of art factories with all the quality controls and certifications for a lower price. 
But how can they offer a lower price? Here are some explanations:
-They may buy in bulk the raw materials for a lower price
-Lower cost of production by using newer higher capacity and more efficient production machines
-Salon direct sales without distributors.
-Paying less on advertise equals a lower price. Less on advertise, more for estheticians. 
WAXNESS line of products is manufactured in state of art GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified factories in Italy and US. We use the best ethically sourced raw materials and all the products are FDA registered for compliance. Our main goal is QUALITY and we have a strong belief we can offer it at a very competitive price that will enable estheticians to save. If you want to try our products, please request a free sample here 
If you want to see how much you can save switching to our products please use the calculator in the link below

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  • Here are few reasons that will help you convince your new customers waxing is better than shaving:
– Waxing will save you time
– Instead of shaving every day you will wax every 2-3 weeks.
– The percentage of ingrown hair is net inferior with waxing then with shaving.
– With regular waxing your hair will become thinner and rarer, compared with shaving that encourage your hair to grow thicker.
– Waxing will remove hairs in hard to reach areas also, inaccessible to shaving.
– No stubble
– After waxing your wax sill be very soft because waxing also exfoliate the skin
– No more cuts – avoid shaving’ regular cuts. Waxing is also eliminates razor’s burn completely.
– Contrary of some opinions, waxing touchup can be available anywhere. There are to go wax strips and microwaveable travel kits available.  #waxness #waxness_ #waxnecessities #waxeducation #waxnesseducation #askwaxness
  • Try our natural resin tea extract infused waxes. Translucent Green Tea is recommended for all areas and creamy White Tea is recommended for sensitive skin, bikini and face areas. #waxness_ #waxness #waxnesshardwax #hardwax #waxnessgreentea #waxnesswhitetea #waxnecessities
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  • Which is better, Soft Wax or Hard Wax? There is not a definitive answer for this question. The best is to know the advantages of each wax and then make a choice that will serve best your needs. Some estheticians use both.

Here are the advantages of each type:

SOFT WAX - Soft wax is not getting hard after it cools though it requires the use of strips.
ADVANTAGE 1: It provides exfoliation because it also adheres more then hard wax on the skin. Soft wax used to be notoriously sticky but the new formulas such as Waxness Italian Velvet or Russian Pearl are less sticky. Some customers like it because it leaves silky smooth skin after waxing because of the exfoliation.

ADVANTAGE 2: It provides precision for shaping the brows, bikini, etc. It is preferred by famous brow artist that use it cutting special forms for wax removal strips.

ADVANTAGE 3: It is very economical for large areas because it spreads very thin therefor, less quantity is used.

HARD WAX - It is used without strips because when it hardens it becomes a strip that can be easily removed without breaking if used correctly.
ADVANTAGE 1: Provides more comfortable waxing because it does not adhere to the skin. The new types of waxes such as Waxness Crystal does not adhere at all on the skin.

ADVANTAGE 2: More suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin. The new no rosin waxes such as Waxness Russian Pearl are also totally hypoallergenic.

ADVANTAGE 3: The new types of waxes such as Waxness Italian Velvet can be used also for full body waxing because they can be applied thinner and on larger areas as they remain flexible and don’t break. If you have questions for us please ask, use the hashtag #askwaxness ! #waxness_ #waxnecessities #waxeducation #waxnesseducation #waxnesshardwax #waxnesssoftwax
  • Try our special Levender Face wax! Synthetic polymer hypoallergenic resin, extra gentle and creamy smooth, enriched with Lavender Oil. This is the ultimate face wax. Want to try a free sample? Request it here #waxness_ #waxness #waxnecessities #hardwax #waxbeads #facewax #lavenderwax
  • Just arrived, our new wax, Bikini Lotus! It is a no resin synthetic wax, low temperature, hypoallergenic, creamy and very gentle on the skin but tough on hairs. Has an exclusive Lotus Flower scent and a great price point for this class of wax. Want to try it? Ask for a free sample here:

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  • Should I switch wax? What are the risks?

Did you find a more economixal wax and you save a lot? Great!
But are there risks to using an unknown wax? Yes there are, but not if you do your homework and ask some details about the new wax.

What should you know before switching to a new wax? ▪️Where is the wax manufactured? We recommend countries with a developed regulated beauty industry like Canada, Australia, USA, Italy, Spain, UK. These countries have reliable regulatory systems for beauty products.
▪️Is the new wax manufactured in a factory GMP Certified? The acronym stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and to be GMP certified means that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards. This will assure the manufacturing company has a high manufacturing standard, this include batch number control and storage, serial numbers, expiration dates, sourcing of the raw materials , storage of the products etc.
▪️Is the company selling the wax insured? In very rare cases in case of injuries related with the defective wax, this aspect is very important for your peace of mind.
▪️Are the new brand wax products registered with FDA? Registration with the FDA of each product, although is not mandatory, ensures the ingredients used are approved to be used in United States of America. Many companies use special colors that are not FDA approved and may cause allergies or reactions.
▪️Ask the company for MSDS (Manufacturer safety data sheet) for each product and keep them handy. 
If all the above conditions are met, congratulations for finding your new favorite wax that will help you save and be more competitive.

Waxness products are manufactured in Italy, in a GMP certified factory. All the products in our line are FDA registered. We guarantee the safety and quality of all our products.

Why they are cheaper then other brands?
☑️They have factory direct price
☑️You do not have to pay for a huge advertising budget, CEO-s, regional managers, etc. Waxness is salon direct.
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