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  • Our cleaner will melt away wax residues and help you keep a spotless clean heater. Just spray on the spot and easily remove with a dry cloth. Works great on other surfaces such as floors.
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  • Some waxes may be too harsh for post tattooed skin, while others may not provide the perfect exfoliation effect. Waxess Barbero Tattoo wax has the perfect mid-creamy balance that will provide impeccable hair removal for coarse or fine hair and a very delicate exfoliation that will revitalize the tattoos. It is formulated with 100% hypoallergenic resin so possible skin allergic reactions are excluded.

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  • Tattoo wax is a wax specially formulated to be used on tattooed skin or on skin ready to receive a tattoo. Tattoo waxing is a new trend in waxing and it is also offered by some tattoo shops.

In order to receive a tattoo, the skin must be hair-free so the artist will remove the hair, traditionally by shaving, but in this case, hair begins to grow back immediately and this may cause discomfort. Waxing is preferred as it will keep the skin hair-free for weeks allowing the newly tattooed skin to heal. Waxing on tattooed skin is becoming a trend as it gently exfoliates the skin and perfectly removes the hairs from the bottom. The results are a brightened vibrant tattoo on perfectly smooth skin. Using post epilation oil will further enhance the tattoo’s appearance.

What makes wax perfect for a tattooed skin waxing service?

Some waxes may be too harsh for post tattooed skin, while others may not provide the perfect exfoliation effect.

Waxness Barbero Tattoo wax has the perfect mid-creamy balance that will provide impeccable hair removal for coarse or fine hair and a very delicate exfoliation that will revitalize the tattoos. It is formulated with 100% hypoallergenic resin so possible skin allergic reactions are excluded.

The appearance and the color, an attractive gold, is inspired by explorer's travels in Caribbean Islands. It is delicately scented with exclusive fine perfumery grade Vetiver & Rum scent.

The waxing session with Barbero Tattoo Wax may be followed with Waxness Barbero after waxing oil. This is a special natural dry oil that will remove any wax residues and provide a special extra smooth finish. This product can be used after waxing and also at home, by the customer, as a regular tattoo enhancing product.

Waxness also carries a natural brightening cream, a successful retail item that may be offered to customers after waxing.
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  • This spring achieve bump free results, naturally. Dr Bump Line is a medical grade natural line with concentrated Tea tree Oil. Formulated for esthetician and customer home use to achieve guaranteed results.


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  • Happy  Saint Patrick Day! Green Tea Wax and Aloe Vera 25% off, use code PATRICK

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  • Customers don’t like your resin wax scent? We have the solution.
Our Luxury 100% Hypoallergenic Synthetic Polymer Blend Russian Pearl has no scent and it is also AROMATHERAPY ready. It is specially formulated to add your own essential oil scent. 

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  • Try our natural resin tea extract infused waxes. Waxness White Tea is recommended for sensitive skin, bikini and face areas. Characterized by high plasticity while does not create stretchy threads. Does not leave irritation or redness on skin.

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  • Waxness Natural is a transparent wax with the special delicate formula for sensitive zones. The wax follows the body curves, easily captures the short and coarse hair on the uneven surfaces. While applying, the wax temperature is very low, what makes it ideal for sensitive skin in delicate areas.
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  • The most appreciated technique for removing unwanted hair is waxing, primarily due to the efficiency of hair removal and due to the fact that it is the method with the longest results, a waxing guaranteeing the fineness of the skin for a period of at least 3-6 weeks.

Epilating Strips - Wax epilating strips effectively remove unwanted hair and leave your skin velvety and hydrated. These strips must be chosen based on several factors.

It is very important to be well informed when choosing epilating strips, to achieve the desired result. If in the case of instant strips, most are made of plastic and do their job just as well, in terms of hot wax strips, things get complicated. Here you can choose between muslin and non-woven strips. Muslin is a fine, very flexible, woven material from which strong epilating strips are produced. To get the best result, choose strips with fabric as thick as possible, which helps to catch the hairs.

Pellon is a synthetic, non-woven material. Traditionally strips made of pellon are cheaper than those made of muslin, and they used tonot have the same flexibility or strength, however the new generations of non woven strips such as Waxness 3 X 9 strips match the strength and flexibility of muslin strips but they cost less. Both the non-woven epilating strips and the muslin epilating strips are ideal to work with warm waxes because they are made with a strong material that doesn't tear or shed while pulling.

3 x 9 strips are ideal for larger areas but they can be cut for easy use on sensitive and smaller areas of the body, such as the bikini line or mustache.

We recommend you remember these tips:
1. Make sure the wax has reached the optimum temperature. The wax is applied only in the sense of hair growth, its incorrect application causing great pain at the time of extraction.
2. After spreading the wax on the skin, you must firmly press the strip, otherwise the hairs that do not adhere to the strip won't come out after ripping the wax and you'll increase the risks of ingrowns.

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  • Waxness Plum is a delicate creamy hard wax suitable for very sensitive areas. Want to try it? Ask for a free sample today and start saving!

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  • Waxing is a nightmare for all women, but a few simple tricks can help you significantly reduce the pain during epilation. Waxing is the best choice, because hair grows thinner and thinner, but it can be an unpleasant experience.

Tips for beauticians:
1. Small Portions of Skin - Start applying wax on small portions of skin, 2”-3” in diameter, to help the client manage the sensation of pain.

2. Temperature - Pay attention to the temperature! Before applying to the skin, you should check the temperature of the wax, whether it is cold or hot wax. Test the wax on your wrist and be very careful when waxing the intimate areas, which is more sensitive than the skin you tested.

3. Swift Pull - Remove the wax with a firm hand movement. Use one hand to rip the wax (or the strip) in the opposite direction of hair growth while tensing the skin with your other hand. If you hesitate, not only do you increase the client's pain level, but you risk getting uneven hair removal.

4. Pleasant Environment - When arranging a beauty salon, you must take into account the environment in which you will work but also in which your clients will come with pleasure and will feel pampered. This place must be pleasant, welcoming and clean. You must be careful that it is beautifully arranged, organized and obligatory to transmit warmth and pleasure to your clients.

5. Dangerous Areas - Do not wax areas you should not. The inside of the ears, nose, nipples, eyelashes, male genitals should not be waxed. Do not attempt waxing on sunburned, irritated skin, moles, cuts or pimples. DO not wax customers using cosmetics based on tretinoin or other skin thinner creams. Not only will it cause great pain, but it is also dangerous.

Tips for clients read here:
  • Try at no cost our new Rose improved formula. It is suitable for all areas, has a medium hardening time and a delicate rose scent. Ask for a free sample and start saving today!

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  • Dr.Bump Holiday Limited Edition Wash and Lotion - Tea Tree + Spiced Cinnamon. Heart warming flavors with benefits!

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  • Tips for a successful facial hair removal session:

- Clean the face well!
Always clean your skin before removing hair to avoid clogging your pores. Waxness Dr Bump Pre waxing cleanser with tea tree and peppermint deeply clean the skin and sanitize the pores. This simple step is extremely useful to prevent possible irritation or infection.

- No Facial Treatment!
Make sure that you do not do any facial treatment on the day of waxing. Cosmetics used on your face right before/after waxing can cause irritation.

- Best Choice!
Always choose stripless wax. The Waxness Creamy Lavender Hard Wax Face infused with oils is very gentle on the skin perfect even for beginners, making the whole procedure much more enjoyable.

- Do Not Wax Multiple Times!
Avoid reapplying the wax strips in the same area. The procedure can cause serious irritation. It is very important to use a very good quality wax that will pick most hair from the first try.

- Use a hypoallergenic synthetic resin wax!
Face skin is very sensitive. In case the customer is allergic to natural rosin the main ingredient in most of the depilatory waxes rushes and bumps may develop after waxing. When you perform facial waxing you want to strongly avoid this possibility so we recommend you a hypoallergenic synthetic resin wax such as: Lavender Face, Russian Pearl or Charcoal.

- Use a post waxing treatment with benefits!
Dr Bump Post Waxing Lavender Tea Tree Hydrophilic oil will efficiently clean the was residues and Tea Tree will sanitize the skin to avoid post waxing rushes or bumps.

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  • Our Blue Professional Hybrid European formula is the most versatile wax we offer. Characterized by high plasticity and flexibility is suitable for all your needs from bikini to full body.
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  • Waxness Pre Wax Foaming lotion is specially formulated to efficiently remove dirt, cosmetics and excess oil from the skin.  It balance the oily skin and prepare it for a successful waxing procedure.  After use the wax will have an increased grip on the hair an important step for a perfect waxing procedure.

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  • In hair removal theory, in general, it is good to know that for different areas and also depending on the area, structure, area and thickness of the hair, a wax is needed for each area concerned. In reality most of the estheticians use only 1 type of wax or 2, that suits better their needs. Quality translucent wax is the most versatile, can be used on all areas and it is applied relatively thin in long thin strips on the body and smaller thicker strips on smaller areas such as bikini and underarm. Two of these types of versatile waxes are Azulene and Waxness Blue Professional. But there also waxes specialized in body waxing, for large areas such as Italian Velvet Full Body Wax, that is very flexible and can be applied very thin on large areas. Also there are specialized waxes for bikini areas that are creamy like Waxness Bikini Lotus or White Tea, for sensitive skin and are applied a bit thicker to be able to pull very coarse hair.

For facial waxing we recommend only hypoallergenic no rosin wax such as Royal Crystal or, for coarser hair creamy Lavender. If this rule is not followed, even an experienced specialist will not be able to perform a qualitative hair removal.

Ideally, it would be good to have a professional wax heater, able to set the desired temperature for heating the wax, indicated on the package.

Soft waxes are usually applied at 30-40°C (86-104°F) and take about 20 minutes to reach the optimal temperature, while hard waxes usually take around 30 minutes to heat and they are applied at 37-45°C (130° F).
It is not recommended to heat the wax in the microwave or bain-marie, situations in which it is difficult to reach the desired temperature.

We recommend you to use a thermometer not the wax heater indicator as they are not accurate and they measure the heating coil temperature that differ a lot from the actual wax temperature. 

Read the whole article here:

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  • 2 of our best waxes for 2 of the most popular waxing areas, face and bikini. Made from a 100% hypoallergenic resin, very creamy ad gentle on the skin, ultra low temperature, guarantee not sticky on the skin. If you want to try 2 of the best formulas available on the market today please request a FREE sample here:

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  • - Largest selection of European depilatory wax.

- Highest quality & factory direct, free expedited shipping.

- We beat any competitor price by at least 10%.

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