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Are you currently using our wax and you are happy with it? We would like to reward you for your fidelity. If you tell your friends, colleagues or co-workers about us, you can get 10% rewards in your account on every order they place!


If you want to start, we made it very easy! In just 5 minutes, you can have the program started, including personalized printed vouchers for your referrals. Just give them the voucher your personalized discount code. If they use it to place an order with us, you will get 10% of their order cash in your account. But it is getting even better! Once they use your code, you will get 10% cash from the value of all their orders placed after the first order, regardless the code the use: yours or other.


Do you want to start right now? Log in into your account, then select “Affiliate Program” (Pic 1). There, you will find the discount code that you will give to your referrals (Pic 2)






Do you want a personalized discount code? No problem, just contact us with your account email and we will be able to give you a personalized discount code between 4 and 8 characters.


If you want to print a voucher with your discount code, please select “Banners”, (Pic 3). Then select “Print A4 PDF”. A ready to be printed PDF will be generated with your information already competed (Pic 4).






If you go to the section “Affiliates” (Pic 5), you can see all your affiliates that have used your code and how much each of them has contributed.




You can use the funds accumulated in your account as you wish. You can either pay for your orders or choose to withdraw funds in your PayPal account. We can also send you a check if the minimum balance has reached $100.


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    By : Bridget Aragon On February 14th 2022

    Would love a discount code BNA Wellness

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