Polymer Blend Premium Luxury Hard Wax Beads Russian Pearl 2.2 LB / 35.27 OZ

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  • Premium Hypoallergenic Polymer Blend Synthetic Resin
  • Ultra-Low Temperature
  • Aromatherapy ready
  • Creamy, ideal for sensitive and facial areas
  • Scent-free
  • This wax is not microwaveable

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Description: Pearl is the symbol of purity, noblesse, gentleness, and luxury. Gentle and smooth, pearl presents a silky delicate but firm surface. That’s what we had in mind when we formulate it. Luxurious, smooth, and gentle on your skin and firm on your hair.

Russian Pearl is also a celebration of the importance that natural pearls played in Russian history and society, a symbol of beauty, power, and greatness. The beneficiary of a strong Byzantine influence, pearls were widely used by Russia’s nobility and gentry during XIV to XVII century, the peak is reached during the Romanov dynasty with the creation of iconic jewelry pieces.


  1. Melt wax over low heat. Temperature: max 42 degrees C (107.6 degrees F). 
  2. Test for correct temperature. WARNING: Hot wax may cause skin burns.
  3. Ensure skin is clean.
  4. Prep skin with powder or antiseptic lotion if necessary. 
  5. The wax will be ready to remove once it is no longer sticky to the touch.
  6. Flick the lower part of the strip, keeping the skin taut.
  7. Pull the wax strip off briskly, against the growth of the hair, close and parallel to the skin.<br>
  8. Apply an astringent product followed by a soothing oil or lotion when treatment is completed.

Warnings: Please read the instructions in full before proceeding with the treatment. Failure to follow instructions and warnings may result in severe skin irritation and other injuries.

For licensed beautician use! 

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Paraffin, Cera Microcristallina (Microcrystalline Wax), Cera Alba (Beeswax), Mica, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide).


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rating 10 10 1
great wax
honestly got alot of wax from different companies by far the best one i have used definitely will stay using this company
rating 10 10 1
10/10 Highly Recommend
Very great wax! Low temp, beautiful color so you can see all the hairs, clients say it doesn’t hurt like other waxes, easy to apply and remove, doesn’t break easy and isn’t too stringy!
rating 10 10 1
10/10 Highly Recommend
Very great wax! Low temp, beautiful color so you can see all the hairs, clients say it doesn’t hurt like other waxes, easy to apply and remove, doesn’t break easy and isn’t too stringy!
rating 10 10 1
I LOVE this wax
This wax is amazing for brazilian waxing, the dry time is a little longer than most waxes but I love that about this wax because it helps assist in a more flexible pull. My clients always compliment the color of the wax and the way it makes their skin feel! 10/10
rating 10 10 1
Great wax
Picks up fine and course hair and it’s low temperature. I wish it dried a little faster but I use a fan.
rating 10 10 1
Very Good!
Im not a proffesional but I wax my face at home (chin, lip and eyebrows). I had previously tried 2 different, more expensive brands before and I always had to go over the same area 3+ times and still have to tweeze at the end. This wax took almost all the hairs (even the little short ones) off on one strip! A second clean up strip and I barely had to tweeze at the end at all! I paired it with the italian velvet oil and it worked great! This is the only wax I will buy for my face from now on.
rating 10 10 1
This wax!
Beyond beautiful and works really well
rating 10 10 1
Amazing wax!!!
Amazon wax! Tried it on my client that’s been coming to me for a while. Her hair is coarse, she said she felt this wax was not as painful, didn’t Leah her as read and her skin wasn’t as inflamed as the previous hard wax I used on her left her feeling. I felt that I didn’t have to do as many clean up strips, I used less stick, and a much quicker wax service! Please bring back the 22 lbs!!! I need this wax in my treatment room 24/7!!!
rating 10 10 1
I love to use it in Brazilian wax
rating 10 10 1
Russian Pearl
Super impressed with this wax. Picks up thick and the fine vellus hairs and lots of bulbs. Super flexible too.
rating 10 10 1
Great wax!
I love this wax and so do my clients. Great customer service as well!!!
rating 10 10 1
Best wax
I used Berodin and I just wanted to try this because of the name. I have no idea why it is cheaper but this is the best wax I ever worked with. Creamy, gentle and pick up everything.

Questions (8)

From Elena Starvri | 2024-05-18 10:16:06

I just purchased the Russian Pearl hard wax beads. After you cleanse the skin do you oil and then wax or do you sprinkle on powder then wax? If powder, which one do you recommend? Thank you


Hello, we recommend to cleanse the wax with a pre-wax cleansing lotion:

Then, if the skin is too oily or sweaty then you can use a sprinkle of powder:

After waxing you sanitize again the skin with the Pre-Post Lotion and finish with a post waxing oil to remove the possible wax residues and replenish the skin moisture:

From Muriel Dewals | 2024-02-10 08:46:05

hi can you advise the best wax you have for general use please. including the after wax oil ??
do you deliver to seychelles ?
and how long will it take ?

thank you


For general purposes, we recommend gel-consistency waxes such as Azulene, Royal Crystal, or Sensi-Clear. Creamy waxes such as Russian pearls are for more sensitive areas such as face and bikini. However, they also can be used on all areas if applied thinner. Unfortunately we do not deliver to Seychelles for now.

From Jessica | 2023-04-11 20:04:07

Which wax is good for a full leg wax? And is there one wax that would be good for legs and Brazilian area?


You can use any wax for both legs and Brazilian. However, if you want a wax specialized in Brazilian we recommend creamy synthetic waxes such as Bikini Lotus, Charcoal or Russian Pearl. If you do more large areas like the back, legs we recommend you a gel wax which is applied thinner thus is more economical for large areas, such as Italian Velvet

From Demetrica | 2022-11-25 18:37:15

Can I use a tiny drop of oil before I start my waxing services after I cleanse the skin? I truly don’t won’t to lift the skin. Thanks.


With synthetic (rosin-free) waxes like this one you can use a small amount of oil before waxing but we recommend a dry oil that will not form a film on the top of surfaces like Waxness Italian Velvet Natural Pre-Post Waxing Oil.

From Kayt Preston | 2022-04-10 00:20:42

I tried the gel with marine salt wax and loved it but would really like a wax without fragrance added. Is there a wax that’s basically the same as that one but without fragrance? I see Russian pearl is fragrance free but it looks to be a completely different texture.


The marine salt is a synthetic (rosin-free) gel wax. It is compatible with ROyal Crystal that is fragrance free

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