What you should know about facial waxing?

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Waxing still remains one of the most widely used techniques. And when it comes to waxing facial hair, there are some very important things you should know. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about waxing facial hair:


What is facial hair?

Facial hair occurs in women in areas such as the chin, above the upper lip, the sides of the face.

There are two categories of facial hair: the one similar to baby fluff, barely noticeable and the terminal hair, mature. Age, body health and other factors can cause the fluff to develop into mature, darker, thicker, more pronounced hairs. If you experience abnormal hair growth in these facial areas or if the hair becomes thick, you may suffer from a hormonal imbalance. Often, menopausal women experience a more pronounced increase in facial hair.

Hirsutism is a condition that is manifested by excessive growth of hair in women (male hair), facial and body, caused by increased synthesis of male hormones (androgens) in the body.

This condition is embarrassing for the person in question and creates discomfort, loss of self-confidence, shaping the idea of low femininity. The causes of this hormonal disorder can be a weight imbalance (excessive weight gain or massive weight loss) or certain stressors that cause excessive production of male hormones.

But, thanks to the hair removal techniques available today, facial hair should no longer be a problem for women.


Tips for a successful facial hair removal session


- Clean the face well!
Always clean your skin before removing hair to avoid clogging your pores. Waxness Dr Bump Pre waxing cleanser with tea tree and peppermint deeply clean the skin and sanitize the pores. This simple step is extremely useful to prevent possible irritation or infection.


- No Facial Treatment!
Make sure that you do not do any facial treatment on the day of waxing. Cosmetics used on your face right before/after waxing can cause irritation.


- Best Choice!
Always choose stripless wax. The Waxness Creamy Lavender Hard Wax Face infused with oils is very gentle on the skin perfect even for beginners, making the whole procedure much more enjoyable.


- Do Not Wax Multiple Times!
Avoid reapplying the wax strips in the same area. The procedure can cause serious irritation. It is very important to use a very good quality wax that will pick most hair from the first try.


- Use a hypoallergenic synthetic resin wax!
Face skin is very sensitive. In case the customer is allergic to natural rosin the main ingredient in most of the depilatory waxes rushes and bumps may develop after waxing. When you perform facial waxing you want to strongly avoid this possibility so we recommend you a hypoallergenic synthetic resin wax such as: Lavender FaceRussian Pearl or Charcoal.


- Use a post waxing treatment with benefits!
Dr Bump Post Waxing Lavender Tea Tree Hydrophilic oil will efficiently clean the was residues and Tea Tree will sanitize the skin to avoid post waxing rushes or bumps.

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