Correct Use of Epilating Strips

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The most appreciated technique for removing unwanted hair is waxing, primarily due to the efficiency of hair removal and due to the fact that it is the method with the longest results, a waxing guaranteeing the fineness of the skin for a period of at least 3-6 weeks.


Epilating Strips


Wax epilating strips effectively remove unwanted hair and leave your skin velvety and hydrated. These strips must be chosen based on several factors.

It is very important to be well informed when choosing epilating strips, to achieve the desired result. If in the case of instant strips, most are made of plastic and do their job just as well, in terms of hot wax strips, things get complicated. Here you can choose between muslin and non-woven strips. Muslin is a fine, very flexible, woven material from which strong epilating strips are produced. To get the best result, choose strips with fabric as thick as possible, which helps to catch the hairs.

Pellon is a synthetic, non-woven material. Traditionally strips made of pellon are cheaper than those made of muslin, and they used tonot have the same flexibility or strength, however the new generations of non woven strips such as Waxness 3 X 9 strips match the strength and flexibility of muslin strips but they cost less. Both the non-woven epilating strips and the muslin epilating strips are ideal to work with warm waxes because they are made with a strong material that doesn't tear or shed while pulling.

3 x 9 strips are ideal for larger areas but they can be cut for easy use on sensitive and smaller areas of the body, such as the bikini line or mustache.


We recommend you remember these tips:

    1. 1. Make sure the wax has reached the optimum temperature. The wax is applied only in the sense of hair growth, its incorrect application causing great pain at the time of extraction.
  •  2. After spreading the wax on the skin, you must firmly press the strip, otherwise the hairs that do not adhere to the strip won't come out after ripping the wax and you'll increase the risks of ingrowns.
  1.  3. Wait for 2 or 3 seconds. While stretching the skin well with one hand, remove the strip immediately with the other hand in a sudden motion in the opposite direction to the hair growth, obtaining better results the faster the plucking is done. To soothe the skin, press with your hand on the skin in order to reduce the sensation of pain.
  •  4. Because the skin is slightly traumatized, it is not recommended to repeat the action on the same portion of skin. Therefore, all these tips are extremely important.


As for the depilatory strips for hot wax, they are available in pre-cut shape, respectively rectangular pieces of material, ready to use, or rolls from which you can cut strips of variable sizes, depending on the area in which they will be used.

If you want to avoid extra expenses butt keep the quality of muslin strips, Waxness non-woven epilating strips are the best way to save money while preventing a sanitary faux-pas.


Waxness products guarantee you the success of a waxing session which, if you follow our advice, can be really pleasant, without much pain. Using the formulas developed by Waxness, you can be sure that the results will go beyond your expectation!

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