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Roll-on waxing involves pulling the hairs from the root. It can be done at home or at the beauty salon, if you are not very skilled. 

We recommend WAXNESS SOFT WAX ROLL-ON CARTRIDGE KIT. It reduces mess, cross-contamination, and the need for spatulas or additional professional wax warmers. 


What is roll-on waxing?

Our professional kit contains:

  • • Wax Heater WX-1C
  • • Non Woven Epilating Strips (3`x 8.75`) 100 pcs
  • • Your Choice of any 2 Cartridges 3.38 oz (Natural, Rose, Azulene, Olive Oil, Russian Pearl, Marine Blue, Zinc Oxide Sensitive Skin)

Ideal for use with all Waxness soft wax cartridges, the WX-1C heater offers a simple and reliable service and the Large Non Woven Epilating strips 3 inch W X 8.75 inch L will help to achieve flawless removal of wax on large body areas.


About roll-on waxing

WAXNESS SOFT WAX ROLL-ON CARTRIDGE KIT contains the necessities you need to benefit from the care at the beauty salon in your own home. In fact, all the components of this kit can be found in any beauty center.

One of the advantages of this kit is that you can select products adapted to your skin type (different assortments of wax cartridges available have soothing, emollient properties or containing natural active compounds). 

The correct application of the wax is followed by its extraction, together with the hair.

The special epilating strips contain both cellulose fibers and cotton fibers, forming a non-woven material with very high adhesion to the contact with the wax applied on the skin, reaching an optimal temperature.


Warming-up the wax cartridge

- Remove the heater lid and place the wax cartridge directly into the heating chamber (We recommend Wax Necessities cartridges).

- Plug in the appliance. Red light indicates power is on.

- The indicator light will remain illuminated during operation time. Please allow 10-30 min, depending of the ambient temperature until the wax is ready to use.

- To ensure the wax has reached a suitable temperature and to avoid loss of profitable working time, it is recommended to plug in the heater approximately one half hour before services begin.

- After it has warmed up, try waxing on a strip of paper from the package and not directly on the skin (if the wax does not flow properly you risk pulling too hard on the skin and you may injure yourself). 

This device heats the wax cartridge to the optimum temperature in 20 minutes and maintains this constant temperature throughout the epilation. 


Using Your Waxness Roll-On 

The wax is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth (never in the opposite direction) by holding the system at a 45° angle, and gently pressing on a thin layer of wax. You can apply about three trips at a time.

After spreading the wax, glue a strip of paper, press well and pull it in the opposite direction to the growth of hair.

These quality strips can remove up to 8-10 strips of wax in a row.

Do not forget about preparing the skin! Thus, the skin is cleaned on the surface and the dead cells and the excess sebum are removed. This is done when the skin is moist, with the help of an abrasive cream or an exfoliating gel. According to many beauticians, in case of heavy sweating (when it is summer or you are very stressed), apply talcum powder before the procedure.

After waxing, the skin is still sensitive, so showers are not recommended, especially those with hot water. Apply soothing lotion and allow your skin to recover.


Our thoughts 

You cannot know if a hair removal method works for you, if you do not try it. We hope these tips were helpful! We are here to answer any questions regarding roll-on waxing!

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