Presentation Brightening Kit and Intimate “Vajacial” Kit

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Brightening and Whitening also known as bleaching are an old concept and also controversial, recently.

We consider the term “whitening” or “bleaching” antiquated. As we believe the natural shade of the skin needs to be enhanced, “brightening” is the appropriate term. 

This kit will offer estheticians the possibility to offer a new service. The so-called “Vajacials” or “Vagacials” directly after waxing or between waxing sessions. The Intimate Kit is recommended to be used immediately after waxing for a complex treatment that includes moisturizing, soothing, and ingrown hair treatment and the brightening kit is recommended to be used only between waxing sessions because immediately after waxing skin is too irritated.

Traditionally the term “whitening” was used for brightening products and the” whitening” creams were medicated usually with 2 chemicals:


Hydroquinone and Hydrocortisone

These creams are medicated and may have side effects especially when they are misused.

That’s why we decided not to use chemical whiteners and brighteners. We researched and gathered the best available natural ingredients currently available such as Grapefruit Oil. White Tea Extract, Pineapple Extract, Lactic Acid, Pomegranate Extract, Kaolin Clay, Alpha Bright Peptide, and Grape Stem Cells. 


Why does this brightening kit, despite premium ingredients, have a lower price than another product?

-Waxness business model is to offer the best quality products, at fair prices.

We source the raw materials in big quantities directly to the factory and then to the warehouse. We sell directly to estheticians and salons; we do not overspend on advertising. During every stage of the manufacturing and selling process, we try to keep the prices low. Our goal is to offer good value with our products. That’s why our products are fairly priced, and in many cases offer better quality than the expensive ones.


Here’s a breakdown of the active ingredients used in every product:



This is a complex treatment kit that will achieve well-hydrated, smooth, and bright skin.



This oil-free product is great for oily to normal skin. It is a pore-penetrating cleanser that gently removes the dead cells on the outer layer of the skin and smoothes uneven patches, making the skin luminous and giving an even-looking skin tone. A  blend of Grapefruit Oil, Pineapple, and Green Tea plus Lactic Acid deeply cleanses the skin and leaves it smooth and balanced. It helps to prevent breakouts without drying the skin. Light exfoliating action gives a more glowing skin while the fresh scent of Grapefruit invigorates the senses. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Grapefruit Oil: Skin pigmentation is reduced by grapefruit because of its high concentration of vitamin C. The vitamin works to reduce the production of melanin, Vitamin C is an effective skin lightener that has been described as a natural inhibitor for melanin and melanin intermediates. Grapefruit also contains various acids – from citric to tartaric –helping with exfoliation.  The acid is breaking down dead skin cells and smoothes out the surface of the skin.
  • White tea extract:  Works in several ways to combat dullness, and spots caused by toxins. It helps in maintaining healthy skin and gives skin a glowing appearance.
  • Pineapple extract:  Minimizes Dark Spots: The ascorbic acid in pineapples helps fade scars and dark spots. The enzymes break down dead skin cells on the dark spots.
  • Lactic acid: a natural acid produced by fermenting good bacteria, that brightens, smooths, and evens skin. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots by buffing away dead skin cells which, in turn, brightens skin and unclogs pores.



A powerful mask with natural brightening ingredients, including  Peptide, Pomegranate Seed Extract, Grapefruit Oil, and Lactic Acid. It helps lighten the appearance of unwanted dark spots and even out skin tone. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Pomegranate Seed Extract: rich in many antioxidants and containing a high amount of vitamin C, it works as an anti-inflammatory, fights free radicals, and will lighten and brighten the skin
  • Kaolin clay: is used to brighten your skin tone, exfoliate to deep clean your pores, soothe your irritated skin, and soak excess oil from your skin's surface.
  • Alpha Bright Peptide Pal-CR: Small peptides, are potent anti-melanogenic agents used in the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation. They work by decreasing melanin synthesis to reduce overall skin pigmentation. Results caused by peptides can be seen as soon as 3 weeks after the beginning of the treatment. They Reduce the appearance of pigmented spots and provide brightening for a more uniform complexion.



A natural concentrated serum to help uneven skin tone. Powerful Peptides and Grape Stem Cell Extract improve skin’s radiance and clarity for a brighter, flawless look. Oat Protein and St. John's Wort Extract will brighten the skin and the Grape Stem Cells will protect it from environmental damage. Sodium Hyaluronate and Marshmallow Extract will provide a powerful moisturizing effect.

Key Ingredients:

  • Grape Stem Cells: They rejuvenate the face, providing plumper skin, and a brighter, more even skin tone. They do this by stimulating the production of collagen



This is a complex kit to be used immediately after waxing. It nourishes the skin and prevents ingrown hair, bumps, and irritation.



This cleanser is appropriate for facial and intimate sensitive skin. It can be used immediately after waxing for soothing and cleansing irritated skin. Leaves the skin fresh and soft. Suitable to remove oil and impurities after and before esthetic services and to remove makeup. Formulated with Aloe and Rosemary natural extract.

Key Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera gel: has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it is one of the most natural remedies for calming the skin after waxing skin.
  • Rosemary: acts as a refreshing astringent. The topical application of Rosemary extract helps decongest acne and oily skin types while maintaining balance within the skin. Rosemary Oil's antimicrobial benefits give oily and acneic skin an advantage in preventing future breakouts thus it is a must-have after waxing to prevent breakouts and bumps.
  • Chamomile: on the skin brings along powerful antioxidants which help the skin to regenerate and tighten pores. Blemishes and redness can be lightened by chamomile which is sometimes referred to as a 'natural skin brightener'.



A restorative moisturizing and refreshing gel mask that soothes skin after waxing or other esthetic services and cools possible burns. Ideal for sensitive or prone to irritation skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Bladderwrack: Early research has shown that the antioxidants in bladderwrack, namely fucoidan, promote collagen synthesis in the skin, which may help increase skin healing,
  • Aloe Vera gel: has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Seaweed: is a hydrating ingredient. As a powerful humectant, seaweed draws moisture to skin cells, with potent polysaccharides absorbing water and bringing it to the skin thus is perfect for after-waxing skin replenishing.



The most advanced Dr. Bump for waxing finishing treatments. Calming, non-irritating, and oil-free, it penetrates the pores to control over-productive oil glands and prevents inflammation due to ingrown hair and irritation after waxing. A great solution to clear existing acne blemishes too.

Key Ingredients:

Alpha Copper Tripeptide 4™: Copper is also an anti-inflammatory that speeds up wound healing, meaning it's great for treating scarring, pigmentation, and redness caused by waxing.

Witch Hazel: can help reduce inflammation and tighten pores for healthier-looking skin.

Sodium hyaluronate: is used for anti-aging and moisturizing because of its ability to smooth out fine lines, and hydrate the skin

Tea tree oil: is believed to be antibacterial. Tea tree oil is commonly used to treat acne, and different inflammatory skin problems and it is ideal for after waxing.





  • -$35 Brightening treatment
  • -$40 Brightening treatment + ingrown hair
  • -$50 Brightening treatment + high frequency Tesla


COST FOR ESTHETICIANS/treatment: $1.84

A kit will suffice for:

  •  - 48 applications: Cleanser and Serum 4 fl oz
  •  - 24 applications: Mask 4 fl oz


STEP 1: 2 min

Cleanser: total 48 applications, ½ teaspoon/ 2g

Apply to the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water, work into a lather, and gently massage onto the skin. Wipe thoroughly with a wet cotton pad or wipe. 


STEP 2: 11 min

Mask: total 24 applications, 1 teaspoon / 4 g

After cleansing, apply on the intimate areas or face and leave it on for approximately 10 minutes, with a moist towel on it to keep it active for longer. When slightly dry, remove with warm water.


STEP 3: 2 min

Serum: total 48 applications, ½ teaspoon / 2g

After the mask, apply it to intimate areas. Massage onto the skin lightly and allow it to absorb.




A kit will suffice for 3 months:

  •  - 96 applications: Cleanser and Serum 4 fl oz
  •  - 48 applications: Mask 4 fl oz


STEP 1: 2 min 

Cleanser: total 96 applications, 1/4 teaspoon/ 1g

Apply to the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water, work into a lather, and gently massage onto the skin. Wipe thoroughly with a wet cotton pad or wipe. 


STEP 2: 11 min 

Mask:  total 48 applications, 1/2 teaspoon / 2 g

After cleansing, apply on the intimate areas or face and leave it on for approximately 10 minutes, with a moist towel on it to keep it active for longer. When slightly dry, remove with warm water.


STEP 3: 2 min 

Serum: total 96 applications, ½ teaspoon / 2g

After the mask, apply it to intimate areas. Massage onto the skin lightly and allow it to absorb.


As the treatment will deliver visible results after 3-4 sessions we recommend selling to customers 4 weekly treatment services of 15 min / $35 each. After the 4th treatment, you may sell the kit to customers for weekly follow-up.

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