What type of sugar paste should I use?

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First thing in start using sugar paste is to choose the right type of sugar paste.

The manufacturers usually offer two  types of sugar paste: soft and  firm (hard). You can easily mix them together, getting any consistency you need. Some companies offer 3 types of sugar paste, soft, medium and hard. If you don’t want to lose time mixing hard with soft sugar paste you may want to buy medium sugar paste too. Mixing the sugar paste  allows the esthetician  to work with any type of hair and in any temperature

The hardness of the sugar paste should be chosen according to the hair type: the coarser the hair, the harder (firmer)  should be the paste.


The choice also depends on the temperature: 

  • a. of the esthetician’s hands (the warmer the hands, the harder should be the paste); 
  • b. of the area being treated (bikini area and armpits are usually warmer than the rest of your skin); 
  • c. of the room temperature where the sugaring is taking place.


Here’s a summary table:


If the sugar paste doesn’t stick to the skin well enough, the combination paste is too hard, haven’t warmed enough, or haven’t prepared it for use by stretching it. The harder the paste, the more time it needs for warming up. 


Remember, the combination and hard paste should be prepared by stretching. When the paste is ready, it acquires a light color. The soft paste doesn’t require any warming or stretching and it is ready to use right away.

If the paste won’t unstick from your hands, the paste is too soft or it was warmed up too much.


The sugar pasteworking temperature are between 77 and 95F. The paste is very sensitive to temperature changes, even a slight change can change its properties.  If the outside temperature is very low, the client’s skin surface temperature (especially legs and arms)) will be lower than the overall body temperature. On the other hand in summer, when it’s hot outside, the skin surface temperature will be higher than usual.

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