Italian Velvet Full Body Hard Wax Beads 2.2 Lb / 1 Kg

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  • Demi-Creamy, is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Suitable for large areas too
  • Hypoallergenic premium synthetic resin
  • Well visible on the skin
  • Use without strips & ultra low-temperature min 40 C to up to 42 C (100.4 F to up to 107.6 F)
  • This wax is not microwaveable
  • Ideal for salons / Made in Italy

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Description: Waxness Italian Velvet Full Body Wax may be used on all parts of the body. Unlike no other wax, Italian Velvet is specially formulated to have additional pliability, making it easy to apply with a spatula on large surfaces. It forms a thin elastic film, grasping even the toughest hair at any length and it is removed without the use of strips.


  1. Heat wax on a low temperature setting from 40 C to up to 42 C (100.4 F to up to 107.6 F). 
  2. Test for the correct temperature. WARNING: using at an incorrect temperature may cause severe burns. 
  3. Ensure skin is clean. If necessary, cleanse to remove any oils or traces of cosmetics. 
  4. If needed, prep the skin with talcum powder or Italian Velvet Waxing Oil. 
  5. Using a spatula, take an adequate amount of wax and apply it one the desired area in the direction of the hair growth. Spread quickly over the surface to be waxed, forming a strip ad leaving a border on the outer edges. Allow a few seconds for the wax to harden.
  6. Remove by lifting the border enough to have a grip on the wax. Keep the skin taut and maintain speed control while removing swiftly in the opposite direction of the hair growth, close and parallel to the skin. Never pull in an upward motion and keep the skin taut at all times. 
  7. Repeat on any additional areas as desired. Upon completion, apply an antiseptic or soothing product like Italian Velvet Waxing Oil.

Warnings: Please read the instructions in full before proceeding with the treatment. Failure to follow instructions and warnings may result in severe skin irritation, other injuries.

Licensed beautician use only!

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Paraffin, Microcrystalline Wax (Cera Micrueristallina), Red 6 (C.I. 15850), Green 6 (C.I. 61565), Titanium Dioxide (C.I. 77891), Mica (C.I. 77019), Iron Oxide (C.I. 77491).


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rating 10 10 1
Love this wax
I purchased it when Russian Pearl was completely sold out and I was nervous I wouldn’t like it. To my surprise I LOVE this wax. Great for Brazilians, underarms and honestly full body. It gets so much wax off the first pull & does better with cleanup strips for fine hair than Dermwax Naked line. Definitely will repurchase. Can’t beat the piece either.
rating 10 10 1
This wax is absolutely phenomenal, I wish yall sold it in bulk because I love it!!!
rating 10 10 1
Does not disappoint
This wax can go on thin and lift EVERY HAIR. Once the strip is not tacky you lift and pull and strip never breaks. O love this product!!
rating 10 10 1
Wow, this one goes so thin and long
I was using Azulene and I wanted to try this one. It goes very thin, I use it for legs, back

Questions (4)

From Marisol | 2023-09-13 14:31:16

How does Italian Velvet differ from Russian pearl and would either of these work for both vellus facial waxing as well as Brazilian?


Italian Velvet and Russian Pearl are both synthetic waxes. Italian Velvet is a gel wax, so it is mainly used for large areas such as the arms, legs, stomach, back, etc., while Russian Pearl is a creamy wax used for sensitive and delicate areas such as the face or a Brazilian.

From Celine Alzina | 2023-07-07 13:15:01

When will you restock on the Royal Crystal Hard wax? I see that it has been sold out for over a month now and i would like to purchase this!.
Thank you in advance.


THis item is usually permanently in stock and it will not be discontinued.

From Julie | 2022-04-09 23:01:30

How would you compare the royals crystal one to the Italian velvet


The base resin is similar for both types, a hypoallergenic synthetic resin.
Italian Velvet is a full body wax, it has more polymer and it is formulated to be applied thinner on larger areas such as legs, back, and arms, white Royal Crystal is more versatile, can be used on large and small areas such as the face, bikini, being suitable to be applied thicker and pull coarser hair.

From Gabriela | 2022-03-07 22:41:07

Can this wax (italian velvet) be used for Brazilians ?


It can be used for Brazilians but it is not formulated to be used for Brazilians. We recommend Brazilian creamy wax that can be applied thicker and also pulls more coarse hair. This is a full-body wax recommended for large areas such as legs, arms, and back. It is applied very thin in large strips. Examples of creamy wax specially formulated for Brazilians are White Chocolate, White Tea, Charcoal, Coconut. MIneral Gold

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