Mandatory questions to ask your new customer!

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A. Are you currently undergoing treatment with Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin or variations creams based on Tretinoin?

You think this is too personal? Think again! Customers receiving Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin or other creams based on Tretinoin should avoid waxing!!! Their skin is much more sensitive and prone to irritation. Although Waxness offers the best hair removal wax with minimum adhesion to the skin, we suggest that you refuse customers who do such treatment or … do so at your own risk. You have to put the health of your customers first! How much the customers need to wait after Tretinoin cream treatment?

Recommend them get a release from their doctor and to stop using tretinoin for at least 5–7 days prior to waxing, especially around the area being waxed. The recommended timeframe to wait for a waxing treatment after using tretinoin varies from doctor to doctor based on many factors, (anywhere from five days to three months have been reported).


B. Have you used wax before?

If YES, things are simpler, you just need to find out more information. With the help of the customers, you will try to determine their degree of tolerance to pain and skin type. Don't forget to ask what kind of wax they have used: hard wax or with strips.

If NO, things are more complicated. We do not know their pain tolerance and how sensitive their skin is. Waxness is here to help you with the Russian Pearl, White Tea or Charcoal creamy hypoallergenic hard wax range ... specially designed to minimize pain and make hair removal comfortable.


C. Are you on or close to your menstrual cycle?

Do not rush to the beautician during menstruation!

Explain your customers that before menstruation, hormonal activity is much more intense, and this phenomenon produces important changes in the skin. The activity of the sebaceous glands is also more intense. The skin thickens easily, becomes irritated and quickly covers itself with pimples. Regarding waxing, this procedure should be avoided during menstruation. Due to the body's excessive sensitivity, the pain may be greater.


D. What type of skin do you have?

Regardless of their type of skin, oily or dry, you must use creams and gels specially designed for before and after waxing. It is not recommended to use oily products on their skin until after waxing. For an overall pleasant waxing experience, never forget about pre and post-wax care! Dr. Bump Natural pre-post lotion with Peppermint, Sage, Tea Tree and Rosemary is perfect for this!

Also, in case your customer have oily skin they and not wax regularly they need to use after waxing ingrown hair treatment. Dr Bump is the definitive natural solution for bumps and ingrown hair free results. Use Dr Bump Botanical Peppermint Aloe with Apricot Kernels Scrub 1 day before waxing and 2 - 3 days post waxing and Dr Bump Natural Ingrown Hair Roll-on, daily after waxing, on areas that may develop ingrown hair. We guarantee customers will be delighted with the results!


E. Is your skin dry?

If so, skin care before and after waxing is extremely important to get smooth and glowing skin.


We hope you will not forget these extremely important questions for both you and your customers. They are the key to a successful hair removal session. Shop our gentle pre and post products in advance to be ready regardless of the answers!

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