Why us?

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Why us?

Many reasons:

  • - Best European quality
  • - Guaranteed professional results
  • - Fine and silky skin Wide range of wax and pre-post treatments for each need
  • - Lowest factory direct price we match and beat by 10% any offer
  • - Free Shipping


We have a wax for everything!

Sensitive skin? Russian Pearl

Hypoallergenic formula, resin free, no scent, creamy.

Men waxing? Barbero Steel

Formulated for sensitive skin but coarse shorter hair.

Bikini or Brazilian? White Tea

Polymer natural resin wax, suitable for sensitive skin but coarse hair.

All Purpose? European Blue Professional

The most versatile wax, hybrid formula. We recommend to start with this one for any need then adjust for more specialized needs.

Very sensitive? Charcoal

This is a creamy wax with lower temperature melting point, no resin.


Our dedicated team is always here to help you perfect yourselves!

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