Which wax & What heater?

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In hair removal theory, in general, it is good to know that for different areas and also depending on the area, structure, area and thickness of the hair, a wax is needed for each area concerned. In reality most of the estheticians use only 1 type of wax or 2, that suits better their needs. Quality translucent wax is the most versatile, can be used on all areas and it is applied relatively thin in long thin strips on the body and smaller thicker strips on smaller areas such as bikini and underarm. Two of these types of versatile waxes are Azulene and Waxness Blue Professional. But there also waxes specialized in body waxing, for large areas such as Italian Velvet Full Body Wax, that is very flexible and can be applied very thin on large areas. Also there are specialized waxes for bikini areas that are creamy like Waxness Bikini Lotus or White Tea, for sensitive skin and are applied a bit thicker to be able to pull very coarse hair.

For facial waxing we recommend only hypoallergenic no rosin wax such as Royal Crystal or, for coarser hair creamy Lavender.

If this rule is not followed, even an experienced specialist will not be able to perform a qualitative hair removal.


Ideally, it would be good to have a professional wax heater, able to set the desired temperature for heating the wax, indicated on the package.


Soft waxes are usually applied at 30-40°C (86-104°F) and take about 20 minutes to reach the optimal temperature, while hard waxes usually take around 30 minutes to heat and they are applied at 37-45°C (130° F).

It is not recommended to heat the wax in the microwave or bain-marie, situations in which it is difficult to reach the desired temperature.

We recommend you to use a thermometer not the wax heater indicator as they are not accurate and they measure the heating coil temperature that differ a lot from the actual wax temperature.


This is very important: if the wax is too cold, it is difficult to apply and the removal is painful, and if it is too hot, you could cause a burn or irritation. In extreme cases, use a conventional thermometer to control the temperature.


Choose a quality wax heater! So what does waxing start with? With the choice of a qualitative composition of the wax. It is desirable to buy it from beauty salons or specialty stores.


Don't save on utensils and materials! Wax warmers, spatulas, and a sizable hard aluminum pot will make the job considerably easier for you. We recommend you the Metallic Professional Wax Heater WN-5001, or if you are a busy professional you can buy the 5 lb WN-6001 or 10 WN-7001 lb heaters. Also remember, for different areas and also depending on the structure, length and thickness of the hair, a different wax is recommended to be used for each area concerned. In this situation you may consider to purchase double heaters such as WN-5002.


If this rule is not followed, even an experienced specialist will not be able to perform a qualitative hair removal. At best, the result will not be pleasant, and at worst - there will be skin lesions that can lead to infections in the deep layers of the epidermis.


Don't forget to do an allergy test 5 minutes in advance on a small area of skin. If redness or itching does not appear, wax can be used. If an allergic reaction occur please use with the customer only hypoallergenic rosin free wax.


Always use the best wax products and the right accessories and equipment, to get the perfect wax temperature without unnecessary waste!

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