Wax quality – why some brands are more affordable than others?

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When it comes to depilatory wax offers today’s market is confusing. There are many brands that offer “the best wax” but they offer it at different prices. Some brands, specially the newer ones, may offer the same quantity of wax at almost half price. How is this possible?

The well-established brands rushed to explain to their customers to be aware of buying cheap imitations. They continue saying the wax may be produced in less then desirable conditions, with possible inferior raw materials and without quality controls.

Are the big companies right? This is true?


Yes, this may be true. BUT THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE.


There is more to the story. Some new companies may offer the same or better quality wax, manufactured in state of art factories with all the quality controls and certifications for a lower price.


But how can they offer a lower price? Here are some explanations:

  • -They may buy in bulk the raw materials for a lower price
  • -Lower cost of production by using newer higher capacity and more efficient production machines
  • -Salon direct sales without distributors.
  • -Paying less on advertise equals a lower price. Less on advertise, more for estheticians.


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