Why is waxing better than shaving?

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Here are few reasons that will help you convince your new customers waxing is better than shaving:

  • – Waxing will save you time
  • – Instead of shaving every day you will wax every 2-3 weeks.
  • – The percentage of ingrown hair is net inferior with waxing then with shaving.
  • – With regular waxing your hair will become thinner and rarer, compared with shaving that encourage your hair to grow thicker.
  • – Waxing will remove hairs in hard to reach areas also, inaccessible to shaving.
  • – No stubble
  • – After waxing your wax sill be very soft because waxing also exfoliate the skin
  • – No more cuts – avoid shaving’ regular cuts. Waxing is also eliminates razor’s burn completely.
  • – Contrary of some opinions, waxing touchup can be available anywhere. There are to go wax strips and microwaveable travel kits available.

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