Less Pain When Waxing

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Waxing is a nightmare for all women, but a few simple tricks can help you significantly reduce the pain during epilation.

Waxing is the best choice, because hair grows thinner and thinner, but it can be an unpleasant experience.


Tips for beauticians:


1. Small Portions of Skin

Start applying wax on small portions of skin, 2”-3” in diameter, to help the client manage the sensation of pain.

2. Temperature

Pay attention to the temperature! Before applying to the skin, you should check the temperature of the wax, whether it is cold or hot wax. Test the wax on your wrist and be very careful when waxing the intimate areas, which is more sensitive than the skin you tested.

3. Swift Pull

Remove the wax with a firm hand movement. Use one hand to rip the wax (or the strip) in the opposite direction of hair growth while tensing the skin with your other hand. If you hesitate, not only do you increase the client's pain level, but you risk getting uneven hair removal.

4. Pleasant Environment

When arranging a beauty salon, you must take into account the environment in which you will work but also in which your clients will come with pleasure and will feel pampered. This place must be pleasant, welcoming and clean. You must be careful that it is beautifully arranged, organized and obligatory to transmit warmth and pleasure to your clients.

5. Dangerous Areas

Do not wax areas you should not. The inside of the ears, nose, nipples, eyelashes, male genitals should not be waxed. Do not attempt waxing on sunburned, irritated skin, moles, cuts or pimples. DO not wax customers using cosmetics based on tretinoin or other skin thinner creams. Not only will it cause great pain, but it is also dangerous.


Tips for clients:


1. Pain Tolerance

This pain is not long lasting. It is short and can be intense. That is why you need to prepare yourself mentally, talk to a beautician and know your bearable pain level. If you think it is necessary, you can take Aspirin, Advil or Ibuprofen 30-40 minutes before. If recommended, you can use special numbing creams but those are not efficient since they are applied on the surface while the pain is generated at the root of the hair,

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the first step you need to take to significantly reduce pain during waxing. A gentle exfoliation of the areas you are going to wax will release very small hairs caught under the skin, so the results will be much better. On the other hand, you will remove dead cells and the wax will adhere better to the skin and hair, which will be removed more easily, without having to repeat the application too many times in the same place, and the pain will be reduced.You can use Dr Bump Scrub with Apricot Kernels and Peppermint few days before the waxing session and a body brush or a bath sponge with an abrasive part, with which to gently massage the area to be waxed.

3. Relax!

It may sound funny, but many women hold their breath when they wax, for fear of pain. In fact, this is the worst thing you can do, because it increases the intensity of the pain. So, do not forget to breath! Try to do some breathing exercises to help you relax both your mind and body. Relax your body - so that the pain is less and you should be more relaxed. Once the body is no longer tense, the pain will no longer be felt so strongly.

4. See a professional

First of all, waxing is done according to certain techniques, and the beautician knows this very well. Try to avoid waxing at home, no matter how simple it may seem. Professionals will use the wax according to the type of hair, will apply the necessary thickness of wax correctly, they will keep the skin stretched and they will pull in the right direction. These steps are important for an effective result, especially in the case of the Brazilian method of waxing.

5. Do not consume alcohol and caffeine!

Many would think that consuming a glass of wine or beer before epilation relaxes them and they will not feel the pain. However, these factors are stimulants that cause extra skin sensitivity. Drink as much water as possible to moisturize your body and skin.

6. Menstrual Cicle

Avoid the wrong times of the month - when your period is coming and even when you are ovulating your body is more sensitive. If you do not want the pain to be even more severe, make an appointment between the two periods of the month, especially few days after your period is over.


Waxness products guarantee you the success of a waxing session which, if you follow our advice, can be really pleasant, without much pain.

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