Waxing Tips for Tearing and Cracking

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If you experience tearing and cracking when waxing, we have some tips for you.

Maybe you are you are still perfecting your technique, there is a timing issue or a problem with the wax consistency.


First of all, you need to wonder if the wax is tearing and breaking during the service.

The procedure is quite simple: the wax is heated until it becomes honey consistency liquid, it is allowed to cool to reach a bearable temperature (it is recommended to try it by hand before starting the application). If the wax is too runny then is too hot and if it is too thick is too cold.

The wax is applied in the direction of hair growth, in the form of strips, but not very long. After a while, when we get the necessary dexterity for epilation, we can also apply longer strips of wax. Timing is everything. You have to allow it just enough time to not be sticky to the touch and adhere to the hair before you pull, which should not exceed 8-10 seconds.

The Wax strip is extracted by sudden pulling on the opposite side of the growth direction of the hair.

The wax strips should not be too thin because they will dry too quickly and you will not get the desired results. The strips should not be applied too thick as will dry very slow and will loose elasticity. Also, the wax should not be left too much on the skin, because it may dry and crack.

Our waxes have different hardening times. White tea is the quickest, for speed waxing. The synthetic polymer such as Crystal or Charcoal is a bit slower so we recommend you to try some samples to find out which hardening speed will be the best for you.


Second of all, you should not worry if you are experiencing cracking after you’ve already waxed. It is perfectly normal for our polymer wax to dry after it has been used. Its purpose is to remove the hair from the root. So, the goal has been achieved.


Please reach out to us with confidence every time you encounter problems. Consider Waxness your personal waxing guide. Our team of experts is here to assist you, provide you with tips and advice and help you become a pro in waxing!

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