Creamy or Gel Hard Wax?

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Both types of hard wax are popular, so what should you choose, creamy or gel?


This depends on the services you provide and your preferences.


Generally, the gel hard wax is more versatile and probably you should start with it if you do not know which one you like. It is less viscous then the creamy one and it is applied thinner, making it more economical. It can be successfully used on bikini or larger areas such as legs and arms.


Creamy hard wax is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It is recommended for bikini and face services. Creamy hard wax use the same resin as the Gel hard wax but Titanium Dioxide is added in the formula and that’s why the wax is creamy. Creamy wax is less sticky to the skin that’s why is recommended for sensitive areas. Because it is creamy the strip tend to be thicker and it is not so economical as the gel wax but it is ideal to be used for bikini and small areas where the strips are smaller. Creamy wax is also an advantage for the speed waxers, as it is denser it dries faster than gel wax.


A growing number of estheticians like to mix creamy hard wax with gel hard wax to obtain a demi-creamy consistency. This is either because it is their preference or there are multiple estheticians working with the same wax and some of them prefer creamy, the others gel. Waxness demi-creamy waxes try to cover the advantages of both waxes, creamy and gel.


Pros of each type


Gel Hard Wax

  • -Very versatile, can be used on all areas
  • -Economical, can be applied thinner
  • -Can be used on all types of skin. For sensitive we recommend synthetic (rosin free) resin


Creamy Hard Wax

  • -Less sticky, formulated for sensitive skin, less sticky
  • -Recommended for bikini and face waxing
  • -Dries faster


Examples of Gel Waxes


Examples of Creamy Waxes


Examples of demi-creamy Waxes


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