Which is better, Soft Wax or Hard Wax?

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There is not a definitive answer for this question. The best is to know the advantages of each wax and then make a choice that will serve best your needs. Some estheticians use both.

Here are the advantages of each type:


SOFT WAX - Soft wax is not getting hard after it cools though it requires the use of strips.

ADVANTAGE 1: It provides exfoliation because it also adheres more then hard wax on the skin. Soft wax used to be notoriously sticky but the new formulas such as Waxness Italian Velvet or Russian Pearl are less sticky. Some customers like it because it leaves silky smooth skin after waxing because of the exfoliation.

ADVANTAGE 2: It provides precision for shaping the brows, bikini, etc. It is preferred by famous brow artist that use it cutting special forms for wax removal strips.

ADVANTAGE 3: It is very economical for large areas because it spreads very thin therefor, less quantity is used.


HARD WAX - It is used without strips because when it hardens it becomes a strip that can be easily removed without breaking if used correctly.

ADVANTAGE 1: Provides more comfortable waxing because it does not adhere to the skin. The new types of waxes such as Waxness Crystal does not adhere at all on the skin.

ADVANTAGE 2: More suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin. The new no rosin waxes such as Waxness Russian Pearl are also totally hypoallergenic.

ADVANTAGE 3: The new types of waxes such as Waxness Italian Velvet can be used also for full body waxing because they can be applied thinner and on larger areas as they remain flexible and don’t break. If you have questions for us please ask, use the hashtag #askwaxness !

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