Truth from fiction

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Every day we ads for new hard waxes presented as containing a “unique” or “miracle” ingredient and featuring incredible hair removal procedures with “stunning” result.

How can you tell truth from fiction?

Some statements in the title and description of waxes raise questions regarding the honesty and professionalism of the seller or the manufacturer. Please avoid waxes if you see one of the following in the description:

    1. 1. PAINLESS WAX – The new generation waxes are not sticky on the skin so most of the pain is generated at the hair root, deep inside the skin, therefore pain is nor related with the wax. Also this is the reason “numbing creams” are not effective because they treat the surface and do not reach the root of the hair where the pain is generated. We recommend to avoid numbing creams too.

    1. 2. 100% NATURAL – This may not be misinformation, but in this case the wax is inefficient and low quality. Without the COPOLYMER component (which is not natural) the wax can not be applied thin and it breaks frequently.

    1. 3. NO INGROWN HAIR – Ingrown hair is a mechanical issue generated by the hair growing in the skin not outside the skin. The wax performance is not related with ingrown hair. Ingrown hair occur specially at fist time customers or on certain skin types , specially high sebum ones. To avoid ingrown hair is recommended to wax regularly (at least once a month), use scrubs and special ingrown hair treatments that melt the outer layer of the skin.

    1. 4. FDA APPROVED – FDA does not have a service of approving cosmetics. All these statements are false. There does exist a voluntary program where manufacturers can check if the ingredients they use are legal to be sold in United States. This service is not an approval.

    1. 5. MOISTURIZING – If oils are used in waxes they are not for skin moisturizing but for the plasticity of the wax and improved heating. The wax contact time with the skin is too short for any skin benefit to be highlighted.

  1. 6. BEANS AND FLAVOURS – These terms are used specially with the waxes imported from China. They are both related with food not with cosmetic products. The correct terms are BEADS or GRANULES instead of BEANS and TYPES instead of FLAVORS. Also, most of the times the ingredients are not correctly indicated on the package. After such a careless presentation we would not expect better from the product itself.

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