How to naturally prevent ingrown hair & bumps?

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The whole DR Bump line is formulated to naturally prevent and treat redness, bumps, irritation, ingrown hair. We do not use any colors, fragrance, or other artificial ingredients that may cause allergy, clog the pores etc.

The prevention of bumps, ingrown hair with Dr Bump Products is in 3 steps:

  • 1. Pre treatment (Lotion)
  • 2. Post Treatment (Lotion + Oil)
  • 3. Home Treatment (Roll sold to customer)



The Natural Pre-Post lotion action is naturally sanitizing, removing dirt and oil from the skin before and post waxing. Also it is a very light anesthetic and has a refreshing action because of the peppermint oil.

Here are the main ingredients:

Tea Tree Oil - This is surface and deep pore sanitizing and antibacterial. If the oil and dirt is not removed correctly before waxing the after waxing growing hair may create small infections (bumps) caused when they grow (Ingrown hair);

Sage and Rosemary control inflammation and redness after waxing;

Peppermint is cooling, refreshing and light analgesic.

At Step 1 and Step 2 it is not efficient nor recommended to use a product that contains Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid that helps melting the outer layer of the skin because the new hair did not start to grow yet to be able to develop into ingrown hair. These ingredients will be used when it is appropriate, in the stage 3.



The Dr. Bump Hydrophilic Non-Clogging Oil with Grapeseed, Avocado, Chamomile and Lavender.

It is light oil that dissolve in water therefore is not forming a film like regular post waxing oil that clog the pores.

This oil removes the wax residues like a normal post waxing oil but not clogging the pores, one of the main reasons for bumps. Also has a calming action for the skin due to lavender oil. It is also very economical, only few drops can be used. After waxing can be mixed with Pre Post Lotion and in a ratio 1 to 5 to form an emulsion that can be applied only one time to the skin. That's why we are selling this set together. They have pumps for easy use.

The pre post lotion in the kit has the same formula of Peppermint Pre Post Lotion but without the peppermint, replaced with calming lavender, more suitable to be used after waxing because it is calming not refreshing / light analgesic. 



The Dr. Bump Natural Ingrown Hair Treatment Roll-On is the final step.

This product is sold to the customer for home use. We recommend to use it once a day on the treated areas (bikini, underarms etc).

This product contain a powerful mix of natural acids that helps eliminating the outer layer dead skin cells allowing the new hair to grow normally and not in the skin.

Also astringent Which Hazel extract that helps shrink your pores, soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

Following these steps we saw the occurrence of ingrown hair, irritation and bumps reduced between 80 to 90% Naturally oily skin and first time customers are specially prone to ingrown hair so we recommend to use this treatment for all of them.

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