Should I switch the wax? What are the risks?

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Did you find a cheaper wax and you save a lot? Great!

But there is any risks using an unknown wax? Yes there are, but not if you do your homework and ask some details about the new wax.


What details you should inquire before switching to the new wax?

  • -Where the wax is manufactured? We recommend countries with a developed regulated beauty industry like Canada, Australia, USA, Italy, Spain, UK. These countries have reliable regulatory systems for the beauty products.
  • -Is the new wax manufactured in a factory GMP Certified? The acronym stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and to be GMP certified means that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards. This will assure the manufacturing company has a high manufacturing standard, this include batch number control and storage, serial numbers, expiration dates, sourcing of the raw materials , storage of the products etc.
  • -Is the company selling the wax insured? In very rare cases in case of injuries related with the defective wax, this aspect is very important for your peace of mind.
  • -Are the new brand wax products registered with FDA? Registration with the FDA of each product, although is not mandatory insure the ingredients used are approved to be used in United States of America. Many companies use specially colors that are not FDA approved that may cause allergies or reactions.
  • -Ask the company for MSDS (Manufacturer safety data sheet) for each product and keep them handy. Some products are flammable or requires special handling. Inform your co-workers or employees about this.


If all the above conditions are met, congratulations for finding your new favorite wax that will help you save and be more competitive.

Waxness products are manufactured in Italy, in a GMP certified factory. All the products in the line are FDA registered. We guarantee the safety and quality of all our products.


Why they are cheaper then other brands?

-They have factory direct price

-You do not have to pay for a huge advertising budget, CEO-s, regional managers, etc. Waxness is salon direct.


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