Should you use synthetic or natural wax? What is the difference ?

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What kind of resin wax cartridge should you buy? Natural or Synthetic?

First there are 2 types of Natural and Synthetic cartridges. Translucent and creamy ones. The creamy wax is always for more sensitive skin.

But what if you want to buy creamy wax. Should you buy Synthetic or Natural?

Synthetic is a newer formula, until few years ago there was only natural wax available. Here are the PROS and CONS of each.


PROS: gentle on the skin, hypoallergenic, lower temperature,spreads thinner (more economical)

CONS: not biodegradable, less grip on hair


PROS: biodegradable, grabs better thick hair

CONS: May cause allergies on customers allergic to pine resin or bees wax, spreads thicker, higher temperature.

Definitely we advise you to use a double heater and have available natural and synthetic resin. If your customer have very sensitive skin, thin hair or it is allergic to natural resins we recommend you Syntetic based wax. If your customer has coarser hair has no known allergies we recommend you the natural resin wax cartridge.

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