Is your heater’s temperature indicator accurate?

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Let’s say you bought a starter kit with heater, wax and accessories included.

If you set the thermostat to 48 C / 118 F (the temperature specified in the wax instructions) the wax will not be heated thoroughly because the heater's temperature scale it is an indicator for the heater's coil temperature not wax's temperature. The wax temperature is always lower. We recommend you to start the heating at the middle of the scale (75 C) and adjust from there to reach the perfect wax temperature.

Most of the times the wax temperature is lower because the wax container may not be in perfect contact with the heating coil all the times or variations in the room temperature. Most experienced estheticians know when wax is ready for the service due to its consistency. The wax needs to be of HONEY consistency. If the wax is thicker it is too cold and if it is runny it is too hot. Mixing the wax and checking the right consistency followed by a temperature check on the back of the wrist before the service is the most popular way to check temperature.

If you are beginner, we recommend you to check the wax temperature with a regular sugar thermometer. You should to check the temperature after you melted the wax and mix it, around 40 minutes. If the wax is at the correct temperature remember the position of the heater’s thermostat and next time you will not need to use the thermometer, just set the thermostat at the recorded position.

Tips when you use a heater:

  • 1. For rapid melting of the wax set the heater to high heat then, after 20-25 minutes when the wax is almost melted reduce the heat to regular working temperature.
  • 2. Do not power on the heater without wax. The heating coil does not work properly this way.
  • 3. Use protection collars. It is much easier and even if you clean the wax with Citrus Cleaner, the cleaner may melt the print or logos on your heater and after many uses may also remove the paint.

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