How to wax mature skin?

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Should you wax on mature skin? Yes definitely. But…

You should take some extra precautions and slightly adjust the waxing technique. Once you obtain more experience with mature skin you will feel just as confidant as you would with normal skin.


Here is how mature skin is different:

  • -Less elasticity and flexibility because of age
  • -The skin is thinner, more fragile (the epidermis is getting thinner over the years)
  • -Dryer (lower production of oil from sebaceous glands specially after menopause)
  • -Intensive sun exposure over the years will accentuate the above characteristics of mature skin and leave it also with increased sensitivity to temperature.


How to adjust the waxing procedure:

First ask your customer if they are using tretinoin creams, retinA or Retinol. Often mature women use these creams. It is important to not use wax on areas where these creams are used because the skin can be extremely fragile.

- Pre waxing, prepare and protect: Use a natural gentle herbal cleanser to remove impurities from the skin then apply a soothing oil for an extra layer of protection before applying the wax. This will ensure the wax will not adhere to the skin.

- Use the right wax and check the temperature: Mature skin could be more sensitive to heat so we recommend a non-resin synthetic creamy hard wax that will melt and remain elastic at lower temperatures. Do not forget to check the temperature.

- Adjust the technique - keep the skin taut at all times: Mature skin can be thinner and saggier in certain areas. The most important aspect is to keep the skin taut before applying and removing the wax. If it is not possible to keep the skin taut on a larger area, apply the strips on a smaller area. On face apply smaller and a bit thicker strip because the facial hair may be thicker and more stubborn to remove. Try to remove as possible all the hairs in a single move then use tweezers for remaining scattered hairs. Multiple applications of the wax are not recommended on mature skin.

- Pay extra attention on aftercare: Mature skin is dryer that’s why besides a sanitizing pre/post product after waxing a very moisturizing oil is recommended. Additionally in certain areas a build up of dry skin may be present. This will not allow the hair to grow and may result in ingrown hair. You can recommend a home use ingrown hair roll on that may be used once a day, recommended specially for bikini and underarm areas.


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